Getting Free Sports Picks – Is it really free?

There are thousands of sports handicapping services that are offering free sports picks these days. Most people don’t really understand why they are giving away free sports picks. Well, there are several reasons why.

The first reason being, they want you to buy from them in the future. They figure if they get you in the door and prove themselves, that they will get you to buy sports picks from them sometime soon. Of course, they run the chance in having a bad night where they lose, and then ultimately losing a potential customer. However, if they win, they are better than 50-50 to get them to buy.

The second reason being, they want your contact information. They want you to opt-in getting your cell phone, email or even home address. This is HUGE for them. They can do several different things with your info. They could have a salesperson call you and pressure you into buying picks. They could send out daily emails, hoping that one day you buy from them. They may even send out a flyer in the mail. Or they could do the unthinkable! Sell your information to other marketers, this is where all your spam emails come from.

The third reason being, it’s not really free! That’s right, they will offer you free sports picks for 3 days if you sign up and make a successful deposit using there affiliate link to an online sportsbook. This is where the real money is for them. Let’s say they sell to a big shot gambler, who wagers $1000 per game. This big shot gambler would make at least a 5-10k deposit in which they would get up to 50% of his losses. So, let’s say he lost all of his 10k to the sportsbook, which happens a lot in this industry, then they would make up to 5 grand just off this 1 guy. It would take years of selling sports picks to this guy to achieve this amount of money.

It’s alright to get free sports picks, it’s just not as free as you might think.

Get real free sports picks & expert picks from the nations top sports handicappers.

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